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A 15 page E-Book on the best tools to get started with Java, a few commands and a 'Hello World'. It outlines some of the necessary and most popular starting tools, as well as some of the 'logic' behind Java, to allow people new to the language an insight into what they are getting into. Written as part of a freelancing contract at Upwork.

Police Brutality (German)

A 27 page paper analyzing several cases of police brutality as reported upon in the Austrian media, from different sources, and in collaboration with an anonymous police source and several law books, to determine whether the actions of the police in each case were justified and legally correct. Written as the final paper in a university class in politics and media.

Windows 10 E-Book

A 10 page E-Book on the new features and changes that come with Win10, geared towards a less technical audience. Written as part of a freelancing contract on Upwork.

Of Tennos and Kings

A 12 page paper on the comparison of feudal systems in Japan and the British Empire in the 17th and 18th century. Written as part of a university class concerning history and international relations.

BRICS - China und Brasilien (German)

A 15 page paper about the BRICS countries China and Brasil, in comparison. Written in the context of a university class about international politics and economics.

Critical Mistakes by first time WordPress Users

A 20 page E-book illustrating the perils and errors often made by users new to WordPress, with suggestions on how to fix and avoid them. Written as part of a freelancing contract on Upwork.

Relative Happiness in the US and UK

A 9 page quantitative analysis paper, comparing relative perceived happiness measured on 3 key points that people associate with a happy life. Health, Freedom and Income are compared to try to explain a correlation between them and the happiness of both countries. Written as the final term paper (Abschlussarbeit) of a quantitive analysis class in university.