The FCC or Federal Communications Commission has done plenty of speculating as to how Trump’s administration would affect net neutrality. The FCC’s leader, Ajit Pai, had previously stated, that he was very much in favour of a neutral net. Despite this, in March 2017, Congress voted down a set of previously established rules, mostly relating to the privacy of Internet

Nowadays there’s hardly a job left anymore that doesn’t involve computers and data. And wherever data is involved there is always a certain risk involved. Granted, personal Facebook passwords aren’t as threatened as the information stored by an insurance firm for example, maintaining privacy security is something important either way. While for an individual the biggest risk is usually no

JavaScript has been a cornerstone of web development – well, of good web development – for years. If you haven’t jumped on the bandwagon yet, it is high time that you do. Technology isn’t waiting around for anybody, and the development and tools of JavaScript in particular are very fast-paced. Even if you are familiar with JavaScript and some of

Social media awareness, secure use of social media For almost all teenagers, and, let’s be honest, most adults too, social media has become as essential a part of our day as taking breakfast. In fact, many of us check Facebook before we even roll out of bed. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, social networks and media are popular-and they’re here to

Cloud-Gaming ist eine (nicht ganz so) neue alternative Möglichkeit, Video-Spiele zu spielen, ohne Installation, nur durch online-Streaming Services. Dies hat seine Vor- und Nachteile-und es ist etwas das bald mehr und mehr prominent und damit thematisiert werden wird, da diese Services stets weiterentwickelt werden.

Wird Cloud-Gaming unsere Video-Spiele verändern?

Das so genannte Cloud-Gaming ist eine spezielle Form von Video-spielen, bei

Why Vue.js?

JavaScript to Web Development is like an engine to a mechanic – the job is just not going to work without it. As there are about as many (good) JS frameworks as there are car brands, picking the right one can get confusing pretty fast. Whoever you ask will have an opinion, and asking 5 people will likely

The Internet is the future! Or so people have been saying for decades now. They’re not wrong – for most people it is an important part of their daily lives now. Whether it’s Facebook, Youtube, or the bakery around the corner, odds are you’ve looked at a dozen websites today already, and you will probably do the same thing tomorrow,

While most of us will have heard of identity theft, that never seems like something that would happen to us. It’s one of those things that happen on the telly but not to one personally. However, identity theft is far more common than anyone would think. And it’s not all large credit card theft operations and manufacturing fake passports. No,

Biometrics aren’t necessarily the first thing we think of when it comes to security. We think of putting locks on our doors, of whether or not we locked our car in the parking garage. At most we set our pets name as a password and add a 123 at the end, and for the average Joe, that’s all that’s necessary.

Whether you are a backend developer or a frontend one – you will know the pains of testing, user acceptance testing in particular. On one hand, it means that the bulk of the work is done – a nearly finished product is ready to be presented. On the other hand, that sometimes means that the worst is yet to come.

Communication is important. In a relationship, in traffic, at work. The more closely you deal with someone, the more important it becomes. And the more difficult it is. Stress, important and hurried decisions, snotty clients and less than understanding bosses don’t help, and if you don’t have at least one of those, I envy you for your job. As far

ECM sounds like something from an FBI telly show, but not something that would be used in real life. At most, we can imagine it be used by the police or military as an anti-terrorism measure. As far as, for example, bug detection goes, we associate it either with spy movies or perhaps corporate espionage or the mafia-in other words

2016 is almost coming to a close. With 2017 almost here it’s a great time to look back and see just what’s happened in the world of Big Data this year. Below you’ll find my top 10 findings of this year, all of which are very exciting.

1.     Big Data is meeting real business need.

Big Data is fast becoming