Top Ten Things Learned about Big Data (and Hadoop) in 2016

2016 is almost coming to a close. With 2017 almost here it’s a great time to look back and see just what’s happened in the world of Big Data this year. Below you’ll find my top 10 findings of this year, all of which are very exciting.

1.     Big Data is meeting real business need.

Big Data is fast becoming a common concept in today’s business. The emphasis before has been on how it could be used. Educating people on how it could be used it within a business to achieve functionalities that were clunky. Today, this has shifted to looking to the future and the possibilities of big data. Pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved and what it can do for businesses; companies are seeing the benefits and wanting to take things further.

2.     Hadoop is a making a name for itself.

No longer something to just consider, Hadoop has made great strides this year. It is now recognised as a serious, business beneficial platform in the current digital age. Being used to drive value; businesses are relying on the ecosystem. This year has also seen several open source projects such as Kafka, making it available to businesses both large and small alike. One thing is clear, Hadoop has exciting times ahead in 2017.

3.     Edge Analysis  enhanced by Kafka & Spark

Spark and Kafka are two of the main contributors here. These two open source projects have been allowing more and more developers to see the benefits of Big Data. It has also allowed it to be adapted in many different ways. One major factor has been the application of it to edge analysis. Through the use of Big Data, edge analysis can now benefit from improved reaction times. Faster actions as a result of trigger detections has been leading to real value and this looks set to continue.

4.     Predictive Analytics is having a big impact

Utilising Big Data to help with predictive analytics has yielded very positive results. This is being seen time and time again and is becoming an integral part of analytics for the businesses that have been using them. In fact on average, 78% of those businesses who are using big data to aid their predictive analytics, say it’s the most important part of how this can be used for them,

5.      Machine learning and big data analytics; making waves in cyber security

While there are many benefits to big data analytics, there are security concerns as well. Couple the analytics with machine learning and focus is now turning to cyber security for a lot of companies. This should not be viewed in a negative light though, it simply indicates the integral part Big Data is forming in business. As a result, developers have found numerous ways to ensure sensitive data remains secure but this has definitely been a hot topic for 2016.

6.     The future with Hadoop

A valid and widely-used ecosystem this year, Hadoop is not only being utilised but also pushed. Along with becoming a more commonly known name and solution this year; developers are now also looking to the future. The question is no long what is Hadoop, but, what else can Hadoop do?

7.     Big Data is making a name in Finance

As the possibilities and capabilities are being realised when it comes to Big Data, it is frequently being taken up in more and more sectors of business. This year has seen the financial sector getting on board, with clients such as Wall Street not only using Big Data for risk management but they are also using it to turn big profits as well.

8.     Getting a foothold in the media

More businesses are recognising the benefits of Big Data than ever before. This year has seen some of the big media names tapping into the possibilities it can bring. Sky for example is utilising anonymous data from remote button presses, to track and analyse their customer base. With Big Data at their disposal, they are looking to become Data Partner of Choice.

9.     Possibilities for Predictive Maintenance Systems

One particularly exciting area for big data this year has been the development work involving predictive maintenance systems. A system that can identify a need for maintenance before it becomes essential will boost productivity and revenue if it can be implemented. Using ecosystems such as Hadoop, Spark/MLiB and Pentaho elements, there has been real progress made with prototyping predictive maintenance systems this year.

10. Optimising Conversion Rates

Coupling big data and data science, is unlocking enhancements with conversion optimisation. Study of the customer journey and expanding insights into user-centric hypothesis testing has seen real progress in this area. From initial interest through to paying for a product; the benefits of combining these two approaches has the potential to bring in better revenue. 2017 will likely see this expanded and businesses taking up real-world applications of these methods for profit.

Overall 2016 has been not only exciting, but highly progressive when it comes to Big Data. It is now being seen as a valid and reliable solution for predicting, analysing and increasing spending habits. It is making great strides in terms of risk management and is seeing big name businesses apply and adopt methods and systems using it. With all the great strides made in 2016, Big Data utilisation is only just getting started. 2017 will see further pushing of the boundaries and more exploration of new ideas and options. One thing is clear though, Big Data is becoming an essential part of business and it is here to stay.

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